We all know that the Pentagon was attacked and damaged on 9/11/2001.  The official report is that United Airlines flight 77 was flown into the Pentagon by terrorists which had hijacked the plane.  I'm going to present to you evidence that that is not what happened.

I'm only going to concentrate on 2 items;

1. The investigation conducted by the Citizens Investigation Team.

2. The fact that of ~85 video cameras that filmed that section of the Pentagon, all were immediately confiscated by the FBI within 2 hours of the attack and none have ever been released to the public except for 5 non-consecutive frames from 1 camera.


The FBI claims national security as the reason why the tapes have never been released.  Common sense should tell you that 85 different video recording of the outside of the Pentagon could not have filmed something so vital to national security as not to release some of them for the purpose of the 9/11 investigation.  Unless the content endangering our national security IS that of what actually hit the Pentagon!  That's what the Citizens Investigation Team reveals in this video.  This is a must watch video.  The stories of all the eyewitnesses as to the flight path and that of the driver of the cab that was supposedly hit by one of the light poles the plane knocked down will set you back in your seat and hopefully beg for more information on this event.









Impossible flight maneuvers


More than 200 pilots and aviation experts doubt the official theory. Pilots united in the organization "Pilots for 911 Truth"  say it is impossible to manoeuvre a Boeing in the way the Pentagon was struck. Captain Russ Wittenberg, who has worked for PanAm and United Airlines for 35 years, said: "I flew both plane types which were used on 9/11. The airplanes would have exceeded their speed limit by more than 100 knots and would have flown high-speed curves in which 5, 6 and 7 G would have occurred. The plane would have literally fallen out of the sky. I couldn't do that and I'm absolutely sure that they couldn't do it either." The pilots also question whether anybody, who has trained on a Cessna, can even fly a Boeing anyway. Especially when the flight-instructors said that they were terrible pilots. One of them couldn't even fly at all. Many pilots even doubt if it is possible to hit the Towers at full speed, especially when one of the airplanes was also in the middle of a curve at that time. It's also unusual that there's practically no part of a plane visible at the Pentagon. Ralph Omholt, a long-time Boeing-pilot: "There was no tail, there were no wings, no evidence of a Boeing 757-crash." Above all the titanium engines should have survived the crash.


In addition, the pilots indicate that the hole in the Pentagon was far too small. Either the windows beside it would be damaged for example, or debris should be lying in front of it. Not even the lawn is damaged. Also suspicious: the Pentagon, being one of the best-guarded buildings in the world, is surrounded by security cameras. The only video that was presented to the public shows everything, except a Boeing.



Where were the fighter jets?

One of the great mysteries today is why the airplanes were not intercepted, although there was up to one hour to do so. Intercepting airplanes that are off course is a standard procedure. In the USA it happens about a hundred times a year. But in June 2001 this standard procedure was changed. A memo to the Joint Chiefs of Staff determines that the Ministry of Defence has to be contacted before the interceptor planes may take off. There is even evidence that Dick Cheney gave an explicit Stand-down-Order ruling that the fighter jets should stay on the ground. Sergeant Lauro Chavez claims the following: On that day he served at the United States Central Command in Florida and took part in an exercise with hijacked airplanes that were about to fly into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House. These exercises have now been confirmed by official documents. As he saw the TV pictures it became clear to him that things were serious, he inquired why no interceptors had taken off. He received the answer that there was a stand-down order.

Chavez also knew before it was known, that a few months before the attacks, for the first time in history, a civilian had been given the command of the air defence (NORAD): Dick Cheney. The statement of the Minister of Transport Norman Mineta, which did not make it into the "9/11 Commission Report", supports this thesis. Dick Cheney said, at that very morning, to a young man who had asked about this several times, facing an approaching aircraft, that the order still stands. Mineta then assumed, that an order to shoot down was meant. Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre reported that a general ignored the stand-down order and let the fourth plane be shot down over Shanksville, which would explain the lack of debris. Grand-Pre assures to have made a study for the Joint Chiefs of Staff that came to the conclusion that parts of the government itself were responsible for the attacks. Grand-Pre said in a radio interview, that a majority of the military leadership would be willing to stage a coup to bring the truth to light.


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