If you've never seen these videos, please watch and use common sense to evaluate what you see.


A controlled demolition of a building this size takes months to prepare.  The demolition crew must study and understand the building design.  They must walk thru the building to confirm construction was as designed on the drawings.  Then they will design a demolition plan, order the materials, mobilize to the location, install the explosives, controls and safety devices.  How did someone manage to do this all within a few hours?  Common sense = They didn't!  It's not possible.  Yet the building was admittedly brought down by controlled demolition.  Since those early days after the attack, the controlled demolition story has attempted to be changed to one of collapse by fire.  Use some common sense in deciding what you believe.


BBC reports the WTC 7 collapsed 20 minutes before the building fell.

How did they know this building was going to fall?


This video shows WTC7 fell at free fall speed for the time the roof line is visible. 


This is where you need to use common sense and ask yourself some questions.  How does a 47 story building free fall with no resistance, due only to partial damage/fires in part of the building?  How does a 47 story building fall straight down, within it's on footprint as a result of partial damage/fires in part of the building?  How can you watch the owner of the building admit that they were going to purposely bring down the building to prevent further loss of life and then to not question the official government report which says the building fell because of structural damage and fires, both caused by falling debris from WTC 1&2? Common sense will tell you that, at a minimum, something seems suspicious.  This suspicion will hopefully cause you to look deeper into the matter.  I mean, this was the most significant attack against American citizens and America in the history of this country.  Almost 3000 Americans died because of these attacks.  These attacks forever changed our country, society and the way we live our daily lives.  The least we can do is to review the evidence and the reasons so many professionals are questioning the events of that day.  Then you should form your opinion, as it will be based on something credible.  It's extremely unpatriotic to not investigate by simply saying "I just can't believe our government could have been involved."  I recommend you take it one step at a time.  Start by investigating whether the events of that day happened the way we it was reported.  Then you can start looking into who might have been responsible.


Research The Project for a New American Century, the leaders, the ORIGINAL leaders and their purpose.


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