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I'm a 51 yr old American that is voicing his opinion about travesties within our political and economic systems. I'm one that finally realizes that 'We The People' (you and I) are responsible for the way we are governed and the people who govern us. I'm one that will not say or accept as a response 'There's nothing I can do about it". I'm one that is not afraid to see the ugly reality of our what our government has become and to envision the evolution that our society could and should embrace in order for all to live a life driven by motivations of true progress towards quality of life and earth resource management.  People in governmental positions that are motivated by increasing their personal wealth are the main cause for the suppression of the advancement of man and the reckless, irresponsible manipulation of precious natural resources.


My 'awakening' or awarenenss in these matters began in 2007.  Until then, I had always heard the rumbling of the 'conspiracy theorys' and had usually either ignored them or associated the people that were perpetuating these rumors as the same type of people that believed their destiny was on the mothership in the tail of the Hale-Bopp comet.  Or perhaps the type of people that would allow themselves to be influenced into joining Jim Jone's People's Temple and have Kool-aid parties.


The spark for me turned out to be an article I read regarding the Jersey Girls.  4 Women from New Jersey that had lost loved one in the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11.  The article mentioned some of the questions and concerns they had.  I looked into their story and, well, I've never stopped looking since.  That was the catalyst that made me want to know more, to decide for myself what the truth is.  And to realize that if I considered myself a true American, I had to do something to stop what is going on.


In addition to educating myself about 9/11 and many other crimes against humanity, I also studied and learned about our Constitution.  This is something I recommend to all.  We are not taught the substance, meaning and purpose of The Constitution in our public schools.  Only that is exists.  It's important we understand why the particular words are used and what efforts the drafters went through to create this most important document.  You will be amazed to learn they foresaw the current situations we are facing today and structured the document to provide a means to prevent such occurrences.  Unfortunately, we have allowed these protectionist laws to be overridden or just plain ignored.  They majority of my Constitutional education came from the books and teachings of Cleon Skousen.  I recommend him to you.


Some of the generalities I've learned:


1. No matter how paranoid or conspiracy minded you are, what the government is actually doing is beyond what you can imagine!


2. When it comes to world government and/or economics, there are no accidents or coincidences.


3. Americans are deftly afraid of the truth.  As such, I've had to learn how to approach people with this type of information.






When you look at situations and events in the United States and the world today, the majority of them can be understood simply by using common sense.  In this technologically advanced society--the age of google, social media, political blogging--common sense seems to have gone out of fashion.  We've become lazy.  Why educate ourselves? Investigate, and form our own opinions--with the wealth of information and talking heads so eager to do it for us?  Applying common sense to the problems we face as a nation will not solve them.  It will, however, allow you to be informed and to question our leaders, who so often make stupid decisions that affect our lives greatly.  


Practice using common sense and encourage others by engaging your friends, family, colleagues.  Form and share your own opinions.  Do not just echo the opinions of others.  Listen to theirs but investigate what they are saying.  Take advantage of the wealth of information by using your daily technology to keep yourself informed.  Our job as intelligent people is to learn how to distinguish facts from misinformation and propaganda.  I hope that I can provide you with credible reporting of critical and topical issues facing our world today.  In my podcasts I will share my opinions, of course, based on my education and experience--my journey of common sense.  Having said that, I am eager to learn from you and to hear your views.  I will also make available a list of books, web sites, and videos that I feel is valuable information to share.  


It's OUR responsibility to bring this world back in order!  Lets start learning what's really going on.


No one can do everything but everyone can do something!   G. Scott-Heron


Everyone should reach one, everyone should teach one.  G. Scott-Heron


If you want change, it's time to go to work!


Thank You for visiting.  I hope you find it both informative and motivating.




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