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  1. Why Americans love doomsday prophecies
    A “Christian numerologist” suggests Sept. 23, 2017, is the fixed date for the end of the world.
  2. This underwater 'Ironman' jetpack lets you swim faster than Michael Phelps
    Their goal was to build something that would beat Michael Phelps in a race.
  3. Traitors or patriots? Eight Vietnam POWs were charged with collaborating with the enemy.
    One of the eight POWs committed suicide in 1973 after the men were accused of being traitors.
  4. Funding for home visiting set to expire, leaving early intervention services in limbo for many
    DC looks to expand local funding for homevisiting,which has shown positive effects for young children
  5. ‘I’m so desperate.’ The frantic quest to contact loved ones in Puerto Rico
    People are taking to social media to try to find loved ones in Puerto Rico in the absence of most other forms of communication.
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