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  1. The TED talks empire has been grappling with sexual harassment
    At least five people, including a past main-stage speaker, told TED officials that they were harassed or groped during the organization’s flagship conference in Vancouver in April, according to interviews and correspondence seen by The Post.
  2. Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson says he has Parkinson’s disease
    The 76-year-old said that he and his family began to notice changes about three years ago. He said he will dedicate himself to physical therapy.
  3. A Navy pilot drew a penis in the sky. Militaries have investigated this sort of thing before.
    The image, which stretched over Washington state’s Okanogan Highlands, has spawned a full Navy investigation, with a senior officer promising to examine the issue fully and respond.
  4. Questioning the definition of the American family, through 150 years of photography
    From staged portraits to snapshots and found photos, documentary and fine art, Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston’s (un)Expected Families exhibition questions the definition of the American family.
  5. Frustrated foreign leaders bypass Washington in search of blue-state allies
    Eager to work around the Trump White House, European officials are courting governors and big-city mayors.
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