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  1. Iraqis demand compensation from US for bombing that killed more than 100 civilians

    On March 17, US forces reportedly targeted two IS snipers in a single building, which set off a series of explosives in the house that killed many civilians. Iraqi officials, however, say that there were only civilians killed in the blast, and that there were no hidden munitions.

  2. Campaigning resumes in Britain after Manchester attack

    The nation remains on high alert ahead of the election next month.

  3. Militants attack bus of Coptic Christians in Egypt

    The attack reportedly bears the hallmarks of groups linked to the Islamic State.

  4. Chechnya's anti-gay pogrom: Too much even for the Kremlin?

    The Kremlin has sent a team of reputable investigators into Russia's tyrannical republic of Chechnya to examine reports of the rounding up, torture, and murder of dozens of gay men.

  5. Paradise found

    As the summer travel season begins,we asked Monitor writers, past and present, to tell us about places that have moved them the most. Their postcards take us from a walking safari in Zambia to the monasteries of Bulgaria to a marathon in Havana.

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