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  1. A disrupter at UN: Can new chief shake up bureaucracy to speed progress?

    Secretary-General António Guterres, the former prime minister of Portugal, says the world has made progress – on hunger, poverty, education – but he's impatient for more. His approach: We can do better.

  2. Why is North Korea giving its neighbor the silent treatment?

    South Korea initiated rare face-to-face talks with the North with no response so far. What the cold shoulder from the hermit kingdom might mean.

  3. She arrived in Senegal 43 years ago – and is still there working on social issues

    Molly Melching founded the nonprofit Tostan, which operates in a number of African countries. It’s known globally for alleviating poverty, as well as for helping to reduce child marriage and female genital cutting in Senegal.

  4. How Western spyware is being used to shut down Arab rights activists

    Since the Arab Spring seven years ago, autocratic regimes have spent millions on Western firms' technology to steal activists' contacts, listen in on their conversations, and more.

  5. Growing cities take proactive stance against diverse threats, building resilience

    Swelling cities are strategizing, innovating, and proactively investing in ways to nimbly operate in the face of growing threats such as climate change, transportation, and housing. 

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