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  1. In Switzerland, a 161-year-old organization that champions animals

    The Zurich Animal Protection Association lobbies to keep animals safe and manages its own shelter, which last year alone found homes for more than 400 furry friends.

  2. In Latin America, no more women presidents – for now

    As Chile votes, Latin America is poised to have no 'presidentas' for the first time in more than a decade. Does that matter?

  3. Wounded vets force disability rethink in Ukraine

    People with disabilities have long been hidden away in Ukraine. But former soldiers who lost limbs in the war with Russian-backed rebels are winning medals in international sports events and giving them new status.

  4. EU leaders reaffirm commitment to social rights

    At a European Union summit, leaders laid out standards for fair labor markets and welfare systems. With the newly created European Pillar of Social Rights, leaders aim to emphasize the EU's commitment to social, not just monetary, issues.

  5. Mumbai museum challenges Indians' self image

    As narrow minded nationalist voices rise in India, a new exhibition illustrates the depth and wealth of foreign influences on the nation's culture.

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