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  1. 2018: The year the European Union stands and delivers?

    After a year of challenges from the populist far right, Europe looks set for an opportunity to reform. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel – if she can assemble a coalition – may not get a better chance.

  2. Bangladesh agrees with Myanmar on Rohingya return

    Myanmar will begin the repatriation process of refugees currently in Bangladesh next week, but refugees fear mistreatment and that the temporary camps in Myanmar could become permanent.

  3. A joint women's hockey team could be the first unified Korean Olympics team ever

    The two Koreas took a great stride toward unity when they agreed to consider fielding a joint women's Olympic hockey team. If successful, the unified Korean Olympics team would be monumental in reconciling the alienated sister countries and reducing frontline hostilities. 

  4. As US tightens stance on migrants and refugees, is Mexico prepared to take more?

    Over the past year, some US politicians have talked up the idea of returning foreigners without legal documentation to the 'territory from which they came,' whether or not that's their home. Mexico could bear the brunt, but assessments of its asylum system vary.

  5. New directive by Pakistani Muslim clerics bans suicide bombings

    Pakistani Muslim clerics have banded together to issue a fatwa, or religious ruling, against suicide bombing. The ruling, contained in a book published by a state-run university, opposes extremist action and supports moderate Islam within the country.

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