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  1. New Jersey to Start Statewide Gun Buyback Program

    The gun buyback bill headed for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s desk requires “at least” three gun buybacks every year throughout the state. The bill’s sponsor wants nine. Governor Murphy is likely to press for even more.

  2. Use Pot — Even Medical Marijuana — and Lose Your Second Amendment Rights

    Regardless of what one thinks about pot, it seems cruel to force a person to choose between a medical treatment and self-defense.

  3. Swamp Claims Trump Is Crazy as Russia Conspiracy Theory Fails

    With President Donald Trump driving the establishment Swamp insane with what has been dubbed “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” the enemies of his “America First” agenda are now hoping to turn the tables by claiming the commander-in-chief is crazy. Indeed, as predicted by astute political observers and operatives before it began, the Deep State has now resorted to using lies, quackery, and fake news to cast doubt on President Trump's mental stability. It is all part of a plot to use an obscure provision of the U.S. Constitution to remove the president from office. Experts predict it will fail.


  4. Leftist Toilet Mouths Condemn Trump as They Corrupt Nation

    It’s the Left that, mainly via entertainment, has coarsened society, defining deviancy downwards and normalizing vulgarity. This is why the younger generations now use profanity, publicly, as a matter of course.

  5. GoogTwitFace Is Now Big Brother — and You’d Better Be Scared

    If a conservative expresses a belief in a social-media forest and no one hears it, does he make a sound? Yes — but nobody hears it. That’s the whole idea behind the censorship of conservatives being effected by Google, Twitter, and Facebook, GoogTwitFace. 

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