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  1. As Trump Disregards LGBTQ Rights, 2017 Already Deadliest Year on Record for Transgender Americans
    Jessica Corbett, staff writer

    "There is still so much to be done to combat transphobia across our country and around the world. Nowhere is that more evident than at the doorstep of the White House."

    lgbtq solidarity sign
  2. US, European Nations Slammed for 'Complicity' as Humanitarian Groups Demand Aid for Yemen
    Julia Conley, staff writer

    "The choice is between resolution, or complicity in the suffering; there is no third option."

  3. With Trump Silent, Sanders and Dems Demand Aid for Iranian Earthquake Victims
    Jake Johnson, staff writer

    "The U.S. has routinely offered to help the Iranian people in times of need. This time should be no different."

  4. 'Grab-Em-by-the-Pussy' President Slammed for Grand Hypocrisy as Trump Goes After Franken
    Andrea Germanos, staff writer

    "No, the president doesn't care about Franken's accuser or what he did. It's just a political football."

  5. 'These Will Be Weapons of Mass Destruction': Warnings About Killer Robots After UN Talks
    Jessica Corbett, staff writer

    While support builds for an outright ban of autonomous weapons, powerful nations with large technology industries are resistant to imposing expansive limitations

  6. Pentagon's Latest Waste of Taxpayer Money as US Navy Pilots Draw Huge Penis in the Sky
    Common Dreams staff

    "Perfect end to a week about men doing disgusting things to women."

  7. Watch GOP Senator Get Really Mad and Say 'Bullcrap' When Tax Plan Designed to Benefit the Rich Called a Tax Plan to Benefit the Rich
    Jake Johnson, staff writer

    "When Republicans are in power, the first thing they want to do is give tax cuts to the rich. It's in their DNA," said Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown

  8. 'Giant Middle Finger to Consumers' as Trump Looks at Mulvaney to Head CFPB
    Julia Conley, staff writer

    "This is no place for another Trump-appointed industry hack."

  9. Investigation Reveals US-Led Bombings in Iraq Kill 31 Times More Civilians Than Reported
    Jessica Corbett, staff writer

    New York Times reporters uncovered "consistent failure by the coalition to investigate claims properly or to keep records that make it possible to investigate" in what "may be the least transparent war in recent American history"

  10. As Predicted—Because 'Pipelines Are Bound to Spill'—Existing Keystone Gushes 200K Gallons of Oil
    Jon Queally, staff writer

    'With their horrible safety record, today's spill is just the latest tragedy caused by the irresponsible oil company TransCanada.'

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