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  1. Civil Rights Group Alleges Collusion Between DOJ and Trump's Phony Election Fraud Commission
    Jon Queally, staff writer

    A civil rights group on Thursday urged Senators to take seriously their belief that the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice has betrayed its stated mission by improperly colluding with President Donald Trump's Commission on Election Integrity, a project which critics have roundly pilloried as a fraudulent effort more interested in suppressing votes than preventing the nearly non-existent threat of voter fraud.

  2. The Fight From Below Seen From Above: New Map Details Local Fossil Fuel Resistance
    Jake Johnson, staff writer

    In an attempt to highlight and bolster the "groundswell of resistance" against fracking wells, pipelines, and other fossil fuel projects throughout the United States, a coalition of environmental groups on Thursday launched the Fossil Fuel Resistance Mapping Project, which details precisely where opposition to Big Oil is taking hold throughout the United States and how others can join in.

  3. While President Spreads 'Blatant Lies,' Experts Side with Jimmy Kimmel on Trumpcare
    Julia Conley, staff writer

    Comedian Jimmy Kimmel doubled down Wednesday night on his efforts to clear up the misinformation that's being spread about the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, which would allow states to charge higher premiums for people with pre-existing conditions, waive requirements for insurers to cover maternity care, mental health care, and other health issues, and eliminate the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) marketplace subsidies, which make premiums affordable for low-income Americans.


  4. US and Other Nuclear Powers Refuse to Sign Historic UN Treaty to Ban Atomic Weapons
    UN News Centre

    The world’s first legally-binding treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons opened for signature on Wednesday at the United Nations Headquarters in New York at a ceremony at which speakers from international organizations, governments and civil society hailed this milestone in achieving a world free of such arsenals as well as the work that remains to be done.

  5. Don't Ask About Sean Spicer's Notebooks or He'll Call "Proper Authorities" On You
    Jon Queally, staff writer

    Amid new rounds of reporting about the breadth of information being sought from current and former White House officials by Robert Mueller, the special counsel now probing possible ties between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia, political reporter and Axios co-founder Mike Allen suggests that a potential "honey pot" of information might also be found in the copious notes tak

  6. In First, Two Major Cities Sue Big Oil for Climate Crimes
    Jessica Corbett, staff writer

    San Francisco and Oakland Cities charge that fossil fuel companies "stole a page from the Big Tobacco playbook" with misleading campaigns and should pay for damage from rising seas.

  7. Aung San Suu Kyi: A Leader in Denial?
    Tharanga Yakupitiyage, IPS News

    UNITED NATIONS - After finally breaking silence with a much anticipated address on the ongoing crisis in Rakhine State, Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi has disappointed the world as she refuses to acknowledge the plight of her country’s Rohingya community.

    In a 30-minute televised address, Myanmar’s State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi said that her government does not fear “international scrutiny” over its management of the crisis in Rakhine.

  8. Street Protests Erupt as Spain Accused of Stomping on Democracy in Catalonia
    Andrea Germanos, staff writer

    Protests erupted in Catalan cities as well as Madrid on Wednesday after Spanish authorities ramped up their efforts to thwart the northeastern region's upcoming independence referendum by storming ministries and seizing nearly 10 million ballot papers and detaining at least a dozen high ranking local officials.

  9. Latest GOP Plan 'Is Even Worse for Women's Health Than Previous Repeal Bills'
    Jessica Corbett, staff writer

    Surprise! Bill written by two male Republicans would strip basic reproductive care from millions of women.

  10. Exposing Problematic Role as News Arbiter, Facebook Under Fire Over Myanmar
    Julia Conley, staff writer

    Illustrating the outsize and controversial role it now plays in disseminating news and regulating information across the world, social media giant Facebook is under fire this week after human rights activists and journalists accused it of censoring posts about the ongoing crisis, including charges of "ethnic cleansing," now taking place in Myanmar.

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