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  1. IPS is pleased to name Tharanga Yakupitiyage as the Star of the Month
    Working out of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, she writes a range of stories on domestic and international human rights and development issues, including conflict-related migration, environmental impacts on indigenous communities, and global press freedom. Tharanga’s diverse portfolio has provided her with a nuanced understanding of human rights, and thus a fresh way […]
  2. Pablo Piacentini a Visionary Far Ahead of his Time
    By Thalif Deen on behalf of the IPS team in Rome, New York, Madrid, Caracas, Montevideo and Johannesburg Along with Roberto Savio, Pablo Piacentini was a co-founder of IPS, born over 53 years ago. A visionary far ahead of his time, Pablo conceptualized the creation of a news organization of the global South aimed primarily […]
  3. Pablo Piacentini has left us
    By Roberto Savio Rome, March 2, 2017 – Pablo has left us in his dreams, with the discretion and tranquility that accompanied him his whole life. The side effects of cancer treatment had left him with limited capabilities. It has been very sad for his family and friends to see how an intellectual full of […]
  4. IPS is honoured to present Fabiana Frayssinet as our IPS Star of the Month
    Fabiana Frayssinet, a talented Argentine multimedia journalist, began her relationship with IPS in 1989 in Guatemala, then reported from Brazil for many years and later from Argentina, where she now lives, although she still frequently travels and works in Brazil.”IPS was my training and a way of doing journalism that I even transferred years later […]
  5. IPS is honoured to present Stella Paul as our IPS Star of the Month for January
    A talented multimedia journalist and longtime IPS contributor, Paul was most recently a 2016 recipient of the prestigious International Women’s Media Foundation Courage in Journalism Award. Paul, who comes from North-Eastern India, travels her home country talking to some of the poorest people in India and unearthing stories of unbelievable exploitation and corruption in places […]
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