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  1. The economic implications of Trump’s trade & tax policies
    Sudden changes in trade and tax policies, the likes of those considered by the Trump administration, could be very disruptive to macroeconomic equilibrium, especially if they result in a sudden burst of inflation and in rapid interest rate hikes. Indeed, raising taxes on imports, repatriating large corporate profits parked overseas and increasing the fiscal deficit, when the economy is running at close to full capacity, can result in both demand-led and supply-led inflation. This could come much faster than most people expect, if all these measures are implemented in the coming years. Continue reading
  2. Revenge is a rotten way to run a country
    Looking back at the last tumultuous year, to me, one of the saddest aspects of the Trump candidacy and presidency is that both in part were built from one of the basest of human impulses: revenge. Continue reading
  3. Freedom Rider: Defending RT
    The Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) was established in 1938 as a means of fighting Nazi influence in the United States. The Russian funded cable network RT was recently forced to register under FARA in order to continue operating in the United States. The wave of ginned up anti-Russian hysteria has created a new and terrible precedent. Continue reading
  4. Financial tyranny: ‘We the people’ are the new permanent underclass in America
    Americans can no longer afford to get sick and there’s a reason why. Continue reading
  5. Corruption in Israel is not just an Israeli issue
    Whether the string of scandals, now hounding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lead to his sacking or not, it matters little. Continue reading
  6. Wake up, folks, fascism is back in style again
    This past week, in Warsaw, Poland, tens of thousands of young Poles marched in an independence-day procession organized by a nationalist youth movement that seeks an ethnically pure Poland with fewer Jews or Muslims. Continue reading
  7. Saudis ask Egypt for overflight permission to hit Lebanon
    According to WMR's sources in Lebanon and France, Saudi Arabia has further inflamed tensions in the Middle East by requesting from its ally, Egypt, permission for Saudi warplanes to overfly Egyptian territory to bomb Lebanon. The de facto new Saudi regime led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) considers Saudi Arabia to be in a state of war with Lebanon. Continue reading
  8. Fascist US-led Western hostility toward democratic Venezuela
    Washington wants fascist tyranny replacing Venezuelan social democracy—hostility toward the country raging since Hugo Chavez’s December 1998 election as president. Continue reading
  9. One year later: The political cancer metastasizes
    Exactly one day short of one year after the election of Donald Trump, the fog finally seemed to lift and the skies brightened. On Tuesday, voters rejected Trumpism in New Jersey and in Virginia, where establishment Republican Ed Gillespie embraced Trump’s racism and nativism, indicating how deeply the president’s poison has penetrated even the precincts of the party that should be vigorously in opposition to it. Continue reading
  10. Patriotism, taxes, and Trump
    Selling the Trump-Republican tax plan should be awkward for an administration that has made patriotism its central theme. Continue reading
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