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  1. Older Dutch cyclists warned after rise in electric bike deaths

    Netherlands police call for safety courses as data shows more riders die on e-bikes than mopeds, with 90% of deaths among over 60s

    Dutch police are warning older cyclists of the dangers of switching to electric bikes after an increase in the number of deaths on the roads.

    Figures released this week show that more people are being killed in the Netherlands while riding an electric bike than a moped, and nearly 90% were aged 60 or above.

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  2. One in three UK officers want all police to carry guns, survey finds

    Police Federation finds 34% of rank and file in England and Wales back routine arming of all officers but two thirds still oppose it

    Support for a fully armed police service has grown among the rank and file as forces confront an unprecedented terrorist threat, according to a staff survey.

    One in three (34%) respondents to a poll by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) were in favour of routine arming of all officers. The proportion was up from less than a quarter (23%) in the last survey on the issue in 2006. However, two thirds did not support routine arming of all officers.

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  3. Japan braces as North Korea threatens hydrogen bomb test in Pacific
    • Kim Jong-un warns ‘deranged’ Trump he will ‘pay dearly’ for North Korea threats
    • Trump says Kim ‘who is obviously a madman’ will be ‘tested like never before’

    Japan must brace itself for the possible launch of a nuclear-armed North Korean missile over its territory if the regime carries out a threat to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, Japan’s defence minister has said.

    The warning followed an extraordinary exchange of insults between Donald Trump and North Korea in response to the US president’s threat at the UN general assembly to “totally destroy” the country if Washington was forced to defend itself or its allies.

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  4. Theresa May to outline UK's Brexit future in vital Florence speech - live updates

    Rolling coverage of Theresa May’s speech in Florence on Brexit, with reaction and analysis

    And Stephen Bush has a good line on the Theresa May speech in his New Statesman morning briefing.

    Just as with the forthcoming Taylor Swift album, we’re all hoping that the full record will be better than the pre-released extracts but it doesn’t exactly look like a floor-filler at the moment. It’s long on optimistic paragraphs about the greatness of the United Kingdom and the European Union but short on realism.

    In his HuffPost UK daily briefing Paul Waugh suggests having a two-year Brexit transition could have implications for the timing of Theresa May’s own exit. He says:

    May’s allies think she has proved she is quietly effective on policy substance (her speech hasn’t changed much at all through the week), while Boris has been loudly ineffective. On the politics, rather than policy, Boris has undoubtedly reminded everyone of his role. But some around May think the two-year transition is also a way of extending her own political lifetime, letting her oversee the process with a handover to a new leader in early 2021. That would allow enough time for her successor to prepare for a general election in 2022, while giving the ‘next generation’ of possible Tory leaders time to build their profile.

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  5. Long-lost Congo notebooks may shed light on how trees react to climate change

    Decaying notebooks discovered in an abandoned research station contain a treasure trove of tree growth data dating from 1930s

    A cache of decaying notebooks found in a crumbling Congo research station has provided unexpected evidence with which to help solve a crucial puzzle – predicting how vegetation will respond to climate change.

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