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  1. Joe Arpaio to speak at GOP dinner, proving the GOP is coming unraveled
    Arpaio will be the featured speaker at a Republican dinner in Nevada next month
  2. There’s no way African-Americans are warming to Trump
    Mix one flawed poll with one enthusiastic Fox News anchor and one gullible viewer in the White House
  3. Over one third of all Americans think Trump is a failure
    In a new survey, 35 percent of respondents gave Trump's presidency an F, with only 18 percent giving it an A
  4. Maryland pastor denounces Trump’s remarks with Pence sitting front row
    Dr. Maurice Watson said the president's remarks were "vulgar," as Pence looked on from the first pew
  5. Finally, Fox News is talking about impeachment — but there’s a catch
    Rest assured that there is one subject Fox will actually always cover
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