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  1. Socialist ideals in practice: Democratic Socialists of America muck out flooded Houston homes
    Today we bring you a conversation with Amy Zachmeyer, the co-chair for the Houston Democratic Socialists of America
  2. Defense bill showers cash on Israel and Ukraine
    Hundreds of millions for Israeli missiles and Ukrainian troops’ medical care, at U.S. taxpayers’ expense
  3. Lisa Murkowski’s bribe — and the GOP’s shameless health care scam
    Alaska Republican is being lured to vote for Obamacare repeal — with the promise her state can keep Obamacare
  4. Drug sentences and Donald Trump: Is reform even possible?
    A bipartisan bill to restore sanity to sentencing might not clear the White House, but it's still reason for hope
  5. How Alabama’s GOP Senate race became an alt-right proxy war
    MAGA World is split over who should succeed Jeff Sessions in the Senate — with Trump and Bannon on opposing sides
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